Red Tail Rat




Asian Red-Tailed Rat Snake 

Range: Asia

Habitat: Strictly arboreal, dense forests

Natural Diet: Small mammals & birds, occasionally eats lizards.

Diet at RainForest: Small pre-killed rodents.

Size: 48-78" thin bodied snake. 

Status in Wild: Vulnerable to habitat loss



RainForest Facts: This long, thin, arboreal snake rarely descends from the trees.   Feeding primarily on small birds and an occasional rodent this stealthy predator will also consume lizards from time to time.  The bright coloration on the tail is used as a caudal lure. 

Caudal luring is used by several species of snakes including young copperheads in the United States.  When an unsuspecting bird approaches what it believes is a small red worm or caterpillar slowly wriggling around, the head of the snake is closely poised to deliver a rapid, deadly strike.  








Close up of Red Tail Rat Snake head showing details of scales and round pupil.




This species is not currently on exhibit at RainForest



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