Kangaroo Junction

What could be more Australian than a Kangaroo?  The largest of all living marsupials the Kangaroo is an icon for this amazing island nation. 

Adorning the Australian National Crest, the kangaroo literally symbolizes this amazing island nation. 

Capable of some truly incredible feats of leaping the giant Red Kangaroos can stand as tall as an adult man. 

RainForest is home to a pair of male Red Kangaroos. 


Range: Majority of Inland Australia. 

Habitat: Prefers semi arid grasslands. 

Natural Diet: Herbivore

Diet at RainForest: Prepared Kangaroo diet with fresh grazing available.  Our red kangaroos have favorite food items, broccoli and asparagus are relished along with fresh whole wheat bread!

Size: Up to 200 pounds, the male red is the largest of all kangaroo species.

RainForest Facts:  The red kangaroo is not always red!

There are actually differences in the color of the animals based on the range of the wild populations.   In the eastern part of its range males are usually red (pale red to brick red) and females a bluish grey, elsewhere, both sexes may be reddish/brown

How do they survive in a desert??
Red Kangaroos are able to survive temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit by using shade and avoiding activity during the day.

Red Kangaroos also concentrate their urine to conserve water and thus can tolerate severe dehydration. They regulate their body temperature largely by panting and licking their forearms



Red Kangaroo Fun Facts

  • Red kangaroos can weigh up to 200 pounds with males being much larger than the females who usually average about 110 pounds.

  • A Red Kangaroos tail can be up to 3 feet long.

  • In the wild a Red Kangaroo can live up to 15 years

  • They have a black and white mark on the sides of the muzzle and a broad white stripe from the corner of mouth to base of ear

  • The body posture of Red Kangaroos is upright except when feeding.

  • Their fur is velvety to the touch.

  •  The front limbs of a red kangaroo are small and short with heavily-clawed digits.

  •  Red Kangaroo to travel at speeds as fast as 40mph.

Why do Kangaroos Box?? 

When male kangaroos fight, they may appear to be 'boxing'. They usually stand up on their hind limbs and attempt to push their opponent off balance by jabbing him or locking forearms. If the fight escalates, they will begin to kick each other. Using their tail to support their weight, they deliver kicks with their powerful hind legs.

The two male red kangaroos at RainForest are named Stuart and Dobbin.